Conveniently Wed To The Greek

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A marriage for the sake of her baby…When luxury hotelier Alex Mikhalis encounters the blogger who once nearly destroyed his reputation, he wants to get even

But his next suggestion is much more intimate becoming his convenient wife

Only Adele Hudson isn t exactly as he remembers

She had no choice but to accept the Greek tycoon s offer of a job, despite their complicated past

She s pregnant, alone and he can t stop his protective instincts kicking in!After a difficult break up, Adele is very wary of all relationships

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Измерение Зеро

Измерение Зеро

Действия разворачиваются после событий книги Шестое измерение . Джордж оказывается в психиатрической лечебнице под покровительством главврача по Шнайдер, который пытается убедить его в том, что все происходящие с ним

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Чуйская долина

Чуйская долина

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